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Sonys Jim Ryan: Xboxs Game Pass strategy is not working, and we have a much more valuable subscription

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The Microsoft team has big influence on GamePass. Considering the progress of the development of the new software, Phil Spencer expects to see a lot more growth in the coming years, especially on mobile and PC. Jim Ryan of Playstation has said that Game Pass isn’t the best business model in his opinion, but a few years later, the Playstation Plus subscription began to offer a catalog of games, although their strategy was somewhat different than Microsofts.

Previously, Sonys Jim Ryan claimed Microsoft’s Game Pass strategy was a failure and that publisher didn’t have much excitement about the subscription. The leaked documents from Microsoft and the FTC confirm what Jim Ryan said in 2022. The head of Playstation believes Game Pass has problems and that a subscription isn’t working for Microsoft. Here is what Ryan said: “Hello, they were pretty nice to have.”

I can say that Microsoft was the first to try this path, and she never succeeded. They’re making a large purchase by doing that. A single lion is a tyrant. I spoke to all the publishers, and they unanimously dislike Game Pass, because the subscription costs the same, but also industry.

A subscriber count announced by Microsoft in January was 25 million. I am sure everyone has opinions on this issue, but personally I’m expecting a larger number considering all the money spent. We have about 50 million PS Plus subscribers. We think we have a much better subscription service.

Let’s remember that when Jim Ryan said at his trial in June that publishers don’t like the game pass subscription, several companies online immediately expressed they were pleased with the subscription.

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