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Sony’s new PS5 console is like a red light

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Sony has reacted badly to the new PlayStation 5 console before the start of 2023. In the past few months, rumors and reports have circled suggesting that Sony is going to release a revision of the PS5 in the latter half of next year. This new PS5 model won’t differ dramatically from the existing version, but it will supposedly contain a detachable disc drive. And while Sony hasn’t yet confirmed that the new PS5 will be releasing, it looks like the company is rearranging its announcement.

In a new conversation with Famitsu, Sony VP Hideaki Nishino subtly indicated that a new PS5 console could be dropping in 2023. When asked whether the third year of the PS5 could be as big as the third year of the PS4, which is when Sony released the PS4 Pro, Nishino said the coming year will be “very important” for the latest PlayStation console.

“We believe global sales will exceed 37 million units by the end of fiscal 2022″ and that it will be a very important time, as well,” Nishino said. Hopefully you can get into the future, but please feel free to talk about specifics.

Again, it’s worth making sure that Nishino didn’t mention that a new edition of the PlayStation 5 is set to release next year, but that didn’t shoot any such notion, especially when it came to comparing the 3rd and 4th modes of operation, is noteworthy. For now, we’ll have to keep waiting for more in the case of this reported new PS5, but it seems that it could bring that some clarity with this new era. We’re planning CES 2023 in January and Sony is slated to attend the massive electronics event in an outstanding way. Perhaps you’ll learn about what Sony has in store for the PS5 sometime in 2023.

Do you have any interest in this new PS5 console if it’s going to go out next year? When will Sony unveil the new acrobati?


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