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Sources claim that Nintendo Switch 2 will perform better at ray-tracing than the PS5 and Xbox

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The switch 2 is much more dependent on DLSS (Picture: Salvo Lo Cascio and Riccicardone cambo Breccia) than Pezily.

The new rumors say that the Nintendo Switch 2 is going to use its ray reconstruction laser technology for next generation scanning.

Although it’s very unlikely that Nintendo will launch its new console this year, rumour has been coming through at an astounding pace lately. And only random guesses from 4chan, but plausible facts whose end is being supported by multiple sources.

One of these is Nate the Hat, who has already claimed that Nintendo Directs was wrong and whose claims about the new console being having an LCD screen instead than OLED were taken by VGC.

That doesn’t mean that he will be right about everything, but his latest podcast predicts the Switch 2 version of RRT support Nvidia’ 3, 3rd generation. This is something even for the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

Using laser technology to increase resolution without adding extra horsepower, the approach used for photochrome reconstruction is better than when using ultra-fast device batteries.

As a consequence, the Switch 2, or whatever new Nintendos console is actually being called, won’t support DSS Frame Generation. This helps to improve frame rates in an equal manner and make higher cost savings faster than one can do that only after seven years of development time (100/day).

The use of so much DLSS (deep learning super sampling) makes it particularly useful for Switch follow-ups, because this will allow games to like next generation even on console with relatively modest abilities.

This would explain how possible the switch 2 will run a very demanding The Matrix Awakens demo. That means that new console could practically play anything from Xbox 3 to PlayStation 5?

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Since this tech is software-based, it can be upgraded as long and added new features. It’s no wonder that the rumour has suggested that Nintendo works closely with Nvidia all over again!

These are just rumours though, and even now it is true that the truth doesn’t mean you will still stay there. When it comes to gaming, its not as if Nintendo fell out of place with an important partner before just asking for permission from Sony.

Because everything’s reasonable, and Nate the Haté has proved to be successful in past decades. All this makes the Switch 2 a very interesting choice for me now!

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