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Space Nation Online Reveals new scenes & new trailers

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The creator and publisher of Interactive Games released new images and a trailer from Space Nation Online, their self-titled sci-fi/fantastic MMORPG. The game’s still in Early Access, and the team didn’t know when that would be the end of the game, but in the meantime they’re showing off new additions to the game as they continue to work on its development. A recent Alpha test revealed that some new additions are possible. We have these pictures and the pictures for you here. Enjoy!

Credit: Space Nation.

Space Nation Online is a Space Opera MMORPG where you escaped Earth througth Stargate by name to survive the human race that formerly occupied the Hibernator. When you arrive at a mysterious society in Telikos, you will travel across the galaxies of a universe. Conflicts arise within your own race. In addition, the fate of humanity lies in your hands to combat the hostile alien race Anszu, and their scattered forces. Since each species’s intertwined fate unravels, the Hibernator begins to wonder whether it’s hidden, or does it lurk? It’s an urgent urge to tremble and survive. Your civilization awaits your backwards.

Credit: Space Nation The Great Space Organization (Sea). Credit: Space Nation. Credit: Space Nation Credit: Space Nation Credit: Space Nation

  • Create a unique story: It isn’t easy for a stranger to survive alone. As you find no substitute for new technologies and the best tools, the choice is yours. Whether you’re a disable pirate or a wild hero whose strong morals are the strongest of your destiny.
  • The Universe Voyage: The bravest in the risky, dark and misty universe will find their way on the frontier. Bring the tyre, drive the study ship; only where courageous men have fled the city that can allow others to find the courage to follow.
  • Prosperous interstellar commerce: The development of the society and the cluster give birth to big demand for materials. From incredibly powerful nuclear weapons to seemingly worthless alien artifacts, you can trade merchandise from the Universal currency Xysos on a vast scope, with immense freedom and abundance.
  • You get success with strategy: Strategic opportunities arise from dust, asteroids and even buildings. Build with tactics. Whether they are in knights or interstellar battles, battles will require multiple tactics. Customize your ship to become an archer, a warrior, or a stealthy assassin. A wide variety of weapons are available to you, too.
  • Upon signing up for the guild, players will have a full new level of gameplay experience. Guilds invest significant money in planets – thereby avoiding the losses of a population. Beyond that, the huge warships, which spanned tens of kilometers, serve as shelter during battles, providing additional advantages. These warships act as supply hubs and respawn points for guild members.

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