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SpaceX sent another batch of Starlink satellites into space, this is the companys 63rd launch in 2023

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SpaceX expands its orbital constellation to a very rapid rate. This time, two hundred telecommunications equipment was launched into orbit, and the first phase of the launch vehicle made a soft landing on a floating platform.

SpaceX is the internet’s largest company.

The Falcon-Satellit rocket launched in Florida on September 8th at 23 noon local time (September 9, 6 noon Moscow time). The first stage of the rocket, when it finished at nine minutes, landed on the floating platform A Shortfall of Gravitas in the Ocean of the Atlantic Ocean.

The second phase, together with the satellites, went toward the given point and the telecommunications devices were placed on orbit for about an hour. According to available data, this flight was seventh for the first stage of the Falcon 9. The current launch was the 63rd space launch in 2023 for Elon Musks company.

Note that SpaceX has broken its record for space launches in a year. The company launched 61 space launches last year, which was its best effort at that time. More than half of all launches this year involve launching Starlink satellites into space. SpaceX has launched more than 500 telecommunications devices into the orbit. Currently about 4600 satellites continue to run.

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