SpellForce: Conquest of eo is a symbol of Neroclasses


As a way to show off the new Necromancer class coming to the game, THQ Nordic released a new trailer for SpellForce: Conquest of Eo. The team defines the class as a would-be wizard who struggles to become more powerful and turns to the darker side of magic in quest for power. A war between the two nations would be the best sham! We have more notes about that class below, along with the trailer for you to enjoy, as it’s already available for you to watch as we wait for the games to drop in 2023.

Credits: THQ Nordic

The Necromancer is a master of death and manipulation magic, with undead units in his crypt carved in the depth of his mage’s tower. Because of his skill, the Necromancer can amass cheap, fearless, and resilient armies that can make the leap of time and even pass the water (not even if they don’t breathe anymore). With a Necromancer, you can generate more troops faster than a mage. To control the undead, there is very powerful power. Therefore, I will always seek for new sources of allfire, and the powers that prevail within the world of SpillForce: the Conquest of Eo.

“Combine to a pool of different players, choose from all the different arts as a sarcastic weapon for the beginning of a campaign and make your way through the populated world of the tournament.

  • That perfect mix of turn-based strategy and light 4x elements, short, intense turn-based tactic battles and RPG.
  • Recruit all the heroes who lead your troops, each with a personal task.
  • Discover new adventures with every procedurally generated campaign.
  • Build up your tower and build new rooms, to determine the path of the wizard.
  • The main opponents are randomly selected and have their own plans and ideas.
  • Make the living interactive grimoire reveal you new secrets and spells.
  • Craft anything from artifacts to a person-like world, and fight against your enemies.
  • The fame system determines your relationships between factions, cities and rival wizards.


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