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Spider-Man 2, Insomniac reveals the new posters of Venom, Kraven and Lizard

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Insomniac Games has published several new posters dedicated to Spider-Man 2the second pre-main chapter, this is the first ever series of friendly street climbers, which will debut on PlayStation 5’s friendly wall. The new promotional images, six in all, show us two protagonists of the highly anticipated new adventure and the most likely players in that competition.

What draws the most attention is the poster dedicated to Venom, the nemesis of Spider-Mans who will most likely have an important role in the game. Although the Symbiotes host is still unknown, Venom will have an important connection between Harry Osborne’s character and his mysterious illness. At the end of this adventure, it’s hard to figure out if or not the character have one guest or if the alien will bond with other characters, including Peter Parker and the guest shown in the trailers. As for the secret identity, the rumors say that Venom could play a character like Spider-Man 2, even if it is not clear yet as many missions as Spider-Man.

The design, which is chosen for an interesting Lizarda character that won’t just be a real colossus in this new game. Doctor Curt Connors of Insomniac is a very good alter ego, it is the same as the previous games and the Amaziong Spider-Man of 2012. This version of Lizard is closer to a dinosaur with its large size and spines scattered throughout its body. As in the case of Venom, this character might also have some importance in the development of the plot. As Peter in the trailer pointed out, Dr. Connors could play a key role in finding a cure for Peter Parkers best friend.

I’ll tell you no problem with Insomniac. Characters is a complete text for their comic book counterparts. As big as it is, for a big, thick, bad and with modern fur, Kraven seems to be the main nemesis of Spider-Man 2. Although it’s not clear what his main prey is, Kraven will make New York a real hunting ground, and the two Spider-men must join forces to stop the disaster caused by this extraordinary hunter.

The new costumes of two protagonists were a great evolution of their previous suits. But in Peters, then the highly anticipated black outfit must be mentioned. The work done by Insomniac is certainly exceptional. That’s a genius, but how do you actually manage this iconic costume with the same modernity?

Marvels Spider-Man 2 will debut on October 20, 2023, exclusively on PlayStation 5. Did you make the order already?

Source: INDAC Games.

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