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Spider-Man 2 Likeness in Venom Hot Toys Figure Captures Villain

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A pre-Secretary launch for the Marvels SpiderMan 2 release tomorrow, a new Venom Hot Toy figure was unveiled with an unprecedented behemoth of such figures.

Hot Toys new Venom figure has re-adjured the company’S 1/6 Scale Collectible figure line, and comes in at another 20,8 feet tall. The new figure based on the characters in this game, and was inspired by a hand painted shape.

Each sculpture comes with different headsculpts and accessories.

This figure will come with a variety of accessories, including two headsculpts (one with an open mouth and the other one having bad-mouthed legs), as well have several swapping up hands/handicap items such that it is more like a traditional glove.

The new Manyota hot-touch figure is available for purchase now on Sideshows website. It sell costs $455, with the exception of a small fee! If the cash is enough, it’s impossible to receive this price between July and December 2024.

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