Sports Story Releases For Nintendo Switch


Indie developer and publisher Sidebar Games released their latest game, Sports Story, on Nintendo Switch. This game has been abandoned for several years now, as it was first announced back in late 2019 and has been scheduled for release in mid-2020. The pandemic hit the ground and pushed back like most promised titles. Only this one was pushed three years ago without talking to a little about when it was time to see the light of day. You can now enjoy it as it’s available for download.

Credit: Games in Sidebar

“Sports Story” is a sport movie unlike any other. Featuring sports and sports activities, one story will go on. If you’re able to meet lots of characters, then you will be able to make huge friends and enemies. The sport RPG will be like everything else. In a mix of sports and sport, with all the facts left with a big story: you can participate in multiple sports, from tennis, golf to football, to football, to playing rugby and tennis. Make sure you visit the mall, as well as at the store. You’ll make lots of friends and enemies along the way with a lot of characters to meet. Sports Story isn’t a sports drama; it’s a whole sports adventure.”

  • Play one of eight golf courses and master the course. Take the tennis world tour. Start your own soccer team. Your sporting destiny is in your hands.
  • Travel through the train, helicopter, and houseboat as you explore dungeons, abandoned ruins and the mysterious Wildlands.
  • Give them your sporting Rank to unlock new, varied activities like BMX, minigolf, cricket, volleyball, fishing, etc.
  • Take advantage of the shopping mall with its uniqueness, specialty sports stores and mini-games.


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