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Square Enix presents multiple holiday activities for mobile titles

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Square Enix has decided to release a number of new developments for their mobile titles this week, each of them coming with a holiday theme. Many of these are little updates that basically add holiday charm to their respective title. Those of others actually do a lot more and feel strong. But when all of them went away, we asked them to list them off together rather than individually. We obtained the notes in the comments section below since you enjoy the games you’re in the middle of this holiday.

Poster of the Year: Coins to Square One.

War of the Vision: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Winter festival 2022.

  • Raviesse (Winter) Guaranteed 9-Step 10x Summon Until January 10 Players can summon various new Winter-themed units, including the new holiday UR unit, Raviesse (Winter) from the Raviesse (Winter) Guaranteed 9-Step 10x Summon. Players can get the ‘Uhriesse’ unit on the ninth of the 10-day summon for units.
  • The 35th Anniversary Celebration of Final Fantasy From December 21 to January 3, players can honor Final Fantasy with a Summon and Login Bonus, which contains a maximum of 22,000 Viore and 40 warriors of light fragments.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

  • The original unit with limited time, “The Cheerful Caroler Ayaka” (Neo Vision” Between December 22, 2022 and January 4, 2023, players can obtain the Cheerful Caroler Ayaka (Neo Vision) from a featured summon. Players can also get a Vision Card, “Sweet Friendship” by awakening the Cheerful Caroler Ayaka (NV) to EX+1 and EX+3.

Vision Card:Sweet Friendship:Sweet Friendship, all right.

  • Wonderful Caroler Ayaka Step-Up Summon From December 22 until January 4, players can take a guaranteed Neo Vision unit at Step 4, 5 and 6. Players also have the opportunity to buy the Global Original Vision Card, “The Night of Gift Giving” by performing the Step-Up summon to Step 6 to obtain an exchange Ticket (The Night of Gift Giving) x1 which can be used to exchange the vision card.

Vision Card: Night of Gift Giving.

  • Producer’s Present From December 22nd, January 4th, players can buy Producer’s Presentsimply by logging in during the campaign period. Log in one time to receive all the rewards. Rewardsinclude 2,000bois, 0+1 Buy-a-Tey-Ticket (3/4/5/NV)x1,Transcension Pearl x1, Offer Present Ticket 1 and more.

Credit: Square Enix.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera, Omnia.

  • Until December 30, players can participate in the winter festival – Free Multi Draws on select Draw Banners, a Winter Seasonal Hunt Event – the SantaGigantuar, new and returning Winter stickers, a new status badge, limited-timegemand weapon gloss sales, and more. Players can participate in The Winter Festival Challenge Missions, which are available at each of the events, which will be held during the Winter Festival and earn rewards such as Draw Tickets x10.

Romancing SaGaRe;univerSe

  • Livestream On December 19 players can play a livestream on the Square Enix Twitch Channel for the best time of day to listen to new information about holiday eventsandnewsummonsandfora chance to win one of 5 digital codes ofAssaGa Minstrel song Remastered.
  • 22.5 Year Anniversary Celebrations Round 3 Until December 30 players can participate in 2.5 Year Anniversary Celebrations. Celebrations feature recently added rewards such as 2,000 jewels, for missions and new Festival Styles like ITOKEN, Arthur,Igomahl, Muse and Doll. Additional styles, such as Minstrel and Lute, will also be available, and also free medals.

Octopath: Champions of the Continent: Champions of the Continent

  • On the Winter Festival Celebration from December 1 to December 31 players receive all their log-in rewards: more than 300 Rubies, Veteran’s Sacred Seal with a guaranteed 5 Character and five Traveler’s Sacred Seals. If it tries to take a second and celebrate 2023, players can perform an open banner.
  • New Characters Join the Fight Cyrus, a fan-favorite professor who earned his nickname at the Royal Academy, and the new character Harley is making their debut in the game. Players eager to know more about upcoming events and holiday stories can tune into the livestream of the Square Enix Twitch Channel starting at two p.m.


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