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STALKER 2: Chornobyl Postponed to 2024, I Amofficially Yet Yet

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Almost anything is reported about a delay of the release of the long-awaited sequel to STALKER. The journalist noticed that one of the official press kits on the game had already released a release in the first quarter of 2024. It was promised that the game would be released in December this year.

The developers of GSC Game World are taking a game demo at Gamescom 2023. And the criticism of those who can play this are contradictory. Many people say there are technical problems. This might be the first hint of a transfer.

Evgeny Grigorovich, which the well-known gaming portal IGN offered a chat with the owner in that interview, didn’t say anything about the date of the release and the transfer of weapons. Accordingly, no official confirmation of the transfer has yet been confirmed.

This is evident because of the war and means there is no surprise in the timetables of development. And relying on the game until the end of the year is hardly worth.

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