Star Citizen with big plans and new records for 2023


In his latest report, Chris Roberts talked about the success of Star Citizen last year, and discussed the plans for the development of that brand. Nevertheless, the date of the game release is still unknown.

This information was listed on a blog written by Chris Roberts. In that document, the president of Cloud Imperium Games presented with the report to Star Citizen from the year ending in 2014. During the year, all players spent more than 46 million hours in the game.

Between 2021 and 2021, up to 240,000 players play the game every month. The most traffic in the game was recorded in May (During the free weekend), then about 400,000 players entered the game. In the year 2022 alone, accounts from all of the four countries created 80.000 new accounts.

The report included totals for the year 2021, which also included Star Citizens. For cloud games, revenue has exceeded 100 million and, according to Chris, is on a pretty good basis. That amount is up to 86 million dollars in fiscal 2020 revenue. Profits come from three sources: in-game store and sales of electronics, while fundraising (which has raised over $440 million a year).

Setting new records is without doubt a huge achievement considering that Star Citizen is now in Early Access for eight years. A long development period and a very unknown release date of the full version certainly don’t discourage players from playing the game.

Chris Roberts showed the way Star Citizen was developing, as well as other statistics for the past year. It will introduce the Persistent Entity Steaming feature, whereby all players interconnecting (dress, bodies or abandoned items) will not disappear over time, but remain in the game forever. The system has been testing since September, but a full version is still being released in patch 3.18 later this year.

This game will be seen as well as several smaller modifications and innovations. The developers, for example, will improve the artificial intelligence during combat, add new star map (included in the Pyro galaxy) and permanent hangars (with freight elevators). You can see all of the planned changes here.

Star Citizen will be released sometime in the 21st century.


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