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Star Ocean: The Second Story Reveals The Twilight

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Square Enix released a new video for its upcoming release of Star Ocean: The Second Story R. As for the intro, we’ll get a anime intro. The trailer we have for you below gives it a whole new animated look for the classic story of the franchise as they are preparing for the release of this new film for everyone. Enjoy the video, as it’s due to the release of the game on November 2 on PC via Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Pay. Square Enix.

It is the second in the Star Ocean series that became the critically acclaimed sequel of Star Ocean: The Second Story R. With a 2.5-inch design that fuses 2D-pixel characters and 3D environments, this remake includes everything that made the original release so well, but also new elements! Experience new mechanics, full Japanese and English voiceovers, original and rearranged music, rapid travel and so much more! Discover the definitive version of a classic but modernized JRPG, perfect for newcomers and long-time fans alike.

Taking Space Date 366 The Federation of nations finds its way onto a world of myth. While searching for a way home, encounters with a young girl create a desire to save her people, while an ancient prophecy has told a story and witness a awakened destiny.

  • The world of Star Ocean: The Second Story R a stunning 2.5D way presents striking 3-D graphics with stunning 2D pixel character.
  • Experience a story with two protagonists: Start your journey with Claude or Rena. Depending on your decision, you’ll change the position and the prospects that you will hire. Learn from party members through the unique Private Actions system, grow relationships and unlock numerous endings. Yukihiro Kajimoto created new characters and drawings for long-term series artists.
  • Through its short, visually interesting game, you can enjoy fast-paced combat and get rid of enemy enemies with new techniques that are powerful enough for strategy. To stop “shooting” by ignoring damage and to urge their allies to follow up on an Assault Action to deal massive damage.
  • Build your system up to Specialty level and master the built-in Item Creation systems, to create the ultimate equipment with different effects.
  • The Japanese and English voiceover are complete now by the same voice cast as the original game. Other than that, the dialogue from Star Ocean Second Evolution (2008) is also included and is possible to select.
  • An iconic soundtrack was given by Motoi Sakuraba – all tracks were re-composed, including full-band performance and strings sound. In addition to the theme of exploration and films, there’s new recordings that have even greater heights.
  • With three difficulty choices: Give EARTH for a relaxing vacation, GALAS FOR a satisfying challenge, or UNIVERSE for brave individuals who have the ability to test their abilities.


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