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Star Wars is still present and nobody died, says Quantic Dream

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Quantic Dreams is launching its new play, Star Wars Eclipse, in Dec. 2021. But in the years after the initial announcement, no new details were revealed.

That all changed after an interview IGN spoke with Lisa Pendse, vice president of marketing forQuantic Dreams, about Eclipse. The most important detail is that, compared to other developers’ titles, every character’s death can be explained quickly and the story will continue.

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It gave some more detail about the Eclipse structure. She confirmed that in comparison to previous Quantic Dream games like Detroit: Become Human, the story continues moving forward even when negative outcomes are evoked, and that there are no villains that protect themselves from death. There’s never any game. There is no one who can die according to Pendse. All sorts of things can happen, and the story continues, the same gameplay signatures we’ve come to expect from Quantic Dream.

Although Eclipse is reportedly long-term away from release, Pendse insisted that the developer owner NetEase hasn’t enforced release dates on Quantic Dream. She also added that its too early now for an update on the launch window.

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Many details of Star Wars and its stories still haven’t been revealed. Eclipse is a collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games. It is considered an incredibly versatile action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways, built during the High Republic era, hundreds of years before the birth of the Anakin Skywalker.

The release of 2021 included an impressive CGI trailer with a variety of planets, alien races and droids we becameaccustomed to. It’s worth noting that while the official release date and window has not yet been announced, it was reported in March 2022 that the game was delayed to 2027-2028 due to hiring issues.

If you don’t know much more about Star Wars, it’s clear Quantic Dream has great ambitions, yet just need to see how the game looks at it.

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