Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cameron Monaghan is discussing the story of the game in video


Despite some details, the role of Monaghanthe actor is known for the role of the character of Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Survivorspoke the history of this new chapter in the video interview with Game Informer.

According to Monaghan, the story of Jedi: Survivor will be darker. After the first episode of the first episode in which we saw the maturation of the character, Cal will face tough situations.

The young Jedi built a family with his rebels; but in Survivor, we’ll see him somehow in conflict with his friends regarding some important decisions, and at that point it becomes apparent that the protagonist will need to find a possible solution.

The actor also said some of those could be introduced to the sequel new characters he liked much, and contribute to the narrative dynamics of the adventure, the theme of the consequences of actions to be addressed.


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