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Star Wars: The players of the old Republic rose over 158 billion points in 2022

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has seen a few years of content in 2022, but that doesn’t mean that it was lax during this time period. The SWTOR fansite Today used to compiled statistics and create an infographic showing how busy the MMOs players were last year.

Play SWTOR for free! The graph focuses on the interfering player/player side. In the last 51 conquests, the SWTORs community completed over 158 billion conquest points. Apparently the most commonly featured planets were Iokath and Ilum, with the least known the world, Alderaan and Oricon. I guess that proves that Alderaan are really a peaceful people after all!

I created a complete #SWTOR infographic of this entire year’s Conquest across all server.

158 179 755,861 recorded Aquest Points, yep 158 BILLION! See full SWTOR Infrographic here: #starwars

Kal Today in TOR (@TodayinTor) December 31, 2022.

Source: Today in TOR, the day is about 3:00.

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