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Starbreeze Studios has added new Payday 3 Characters and a map of the DLC road

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The developers released an action-packed trailer for Payday 3 showing off a brand-new character and the return of an old favourite. The studio released its DLC roadmap for the third time in its highly anticipated high-stakes heist game, ahead of the release of payday three on PlayStation 5 and PC on September 21.

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Starbreeze reveals two new payday 3 release characters and four planned DLC packs.

According to VGC a new trailer for Payday 3 lets gamers take first glance at the recently revealed characters, Pearl and Snow, who will join the game launch lineup. Joy will return to the franchise once more, while the new character Pearl is an expert con artist and infiltrator. The trailer shows the duo pulling a heist off a portside and then sending it up before it gets south on a storm – the couple forced to sue into the responding officers so they could escape.

Starbreeze released its DLC plans for the highly-anticipated sequel, which also include the release of the new Payday 3 characters. In a post posted on the official Twitter account earlier this week, the developers had a look at the planned addition-on strategy for the next year. Currently, four DLC entries will be released on the game at the end of the month. Though no information was provided about what all will be included in the quarterly DLC releases, the gang may leave after Payday 3s New York to find a heist in a new space.

What’s better than last year? JOY SALE!!Present the extremely packed roadmap for PAYSALE 3! What do you expect most, please???

DAY 3 (@paydaygame) September 7, 2023.

Players hoping for an open beta that launched today and runs through September 11. He, given the limited amount of time it can take, may be a bit uncomfortable. While players on PC and Xbox Series X|S are free to take part in the games brief test period, the Payday 3 open beta won’t be coming to PS5 for reasons still unclear. However, for PS5 players, they’ll have to wait for Payday 3s official launch to get their hands on new additions Joy and Pearl and all their criminals.

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