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Starfield: 6 million players from the start, a record for Bethesda

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Bethesda Softworks announced in a post on X that Starfield passed six million players at the launch, e.g. in its first 24 hours on the market (except for the early access reserved for those who have already ordered the most expensive editions). This is the best result for a game from the studio, and also shows how much anticipation there was around it.

Bethesda: Since the beginning of this morning, Starfield has surpassed six million players, making it the biggest expansion of all time.

Starfield is a success for Bethesda and Microsoft already.

Naturally, the data must be contextualized. Bethesda talks about 6 million players, so all those who can play through it must be considered Game Pass, the subscription from Microsoft. So it’s nothing more serious about actual sales.

Since the years of the original acquisition, Xbox has been able to keep the service as current key and now a key holder, so we can see that Bethesda has two success: Starfield and GamePass, which will certainly increase the number of subscribers.

Starfield is certainly the most talked about game of the moment, as well as the unavoidable one reveals the epoch on the universe and that explains the impact of development, and the fact that the research does not show any seriousness on development.

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