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Starfield A High to Pay quest will get stuck or run from black screens for several players

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Starfield players reported that they encountered multiple bugs, crashes and black screens during the A High Price to Pay quest.

On different social media platforms like Reddit and X, players shared their experiences in search of solutions.

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i tried to build my armillary at the other end, but the armillary screen is just black. i tried to go back to several other saves and still nothing. at first i thought my cockpit (DS30.1 Ares Bridge) didn’t have one but its right there next to the cargo but it’s not working. (Source)

After returning from the lodge, you can remove the artifact from The Rather Migrating Moves. I can’t get Noel to go on a dialogue with me. It’s just said That individual’s busy constantly, even after waiting only 24 g hours, reloading a previous save, etc. (Source)

The highly anticipated, Starfield Starfield RPG at Bethesdas received a lot of praise for its design and gameplay. Even his technical problems led to critics in the past.

In typical Bethesda fashion, Starfield players experienced numerous problems, problems and technical problems since the games launch.

These less annoying issues arise mostly from the smuggler’s quest.

As one of the pivotal quests of the storyline, these errors significantly impact the player’s experience, often leading to negative reviews of the game.

According to the reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the quest A High Price to Pay is plagued by black screens, bugs, crashes and a variety of other problems. Some players mention NPCs for their behavior oddly and obstructing their path.

I don’t know why, but when i’m to check on the crew, Barret stands in front of Sarah, and she can’t talk to Barret. Does anybody know a fix? (I don’t like to load an earlier save, because after a while wondering why the mission wasn’t finished I went to New Atlantis and stifled into the undercover pirate sidequest) (Source)

Other people report that the game crashed while the quest is full, and even doors and hatches refuse to function at the moment, causing progress to stop.

I decided to defend the Lodge, I took the team to the Well and it was all right. Even though I look at the door, the main menu is empty. (Source)

These issues not only make players not able to complete the mission. Occasionally, time is lost.

A High-Price to Pay quest in Starfield offers useful workarounds for black screen, crashing and other problems.

There hasn’t been a official statement from the developer regarding these issues. However, the community’s suggestion was found for the bug.

Among the players’ workarounds, the simple reload of an archive is likely to be the most effective. Players need to save the game, then try to load it or restart the game, which could solve the issues?

Despite this, it is important to note that this method isn’t a guaranteed solution. The issue has significantly impacted a lot of players’ enjoyment of the game.

Not a surefire solution is possible until the developer release a fixed official.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated information if there’s no other developments in the area.

Source: Bethesda; Feature image.

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