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Starfield: A new record on Steam

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Starfield made their peak on Steam again, with more than half an hour on Steam in Early Access.

During Starfields Early Access, sci-fi game again breaks the playing record on Steam. In Tuesday’s episode, there were 248 632 concurrent players on SteamDB.

Since the start of September, the city had much interest in opening up soon. After a superb start, the pointer on SteamDB managed to get to the impressive 234,502 simultaneous players after just two hours. On Sundays, 245,000 players were counted, and then again, on Monday, at all, plus 248,000 players were playing at the same time. Even in quieter times, the number never went up to 110,000. The number of players is constant, and thus speaks for a desire of the players.

The full release of Starfield will take place on the 6th of September and will set new records.

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