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Starfield: Bethesdas RPG has over 2 million players, but that’s not a major game

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Starfield is still in the early access phase; yet, Bethesdas space opera has managed to reach and surpass the two million players already. According to the Data disclosed by PlayTracker, the Xbox exclusive seems to become a commercial success.

Early Access Starfield is available to all who purchased the Prime Edition of the Sci-Fi RPG, which can be purchased on Steam for 100 and the Xbox Store for 110 euros. Many willing to pay a huge sum for access to the Sci-Fi universe created six days early by Todd Howard, and to secure a future expansion for Bethesda.

As far as your tweet goes, the two million players are equally distributed between Steam and Xbox, with one million registered users on both PC and console. As usual, they will start with the fireworks starting tomorrow; Starfield will go out of its early access zone and finally be available to all those who have decided to buy Bethesdas latest endeavor.

While we wait for our end of review, we refer you to our impression of Starfield after 40 hours of play in the sci-fi role-playing game.

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