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Starfield fans are frustrated by the fact that they seem to see the same NPC as them always in space

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The launch of Starfield, a role-playing space game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, whose mission is to explore space exploration, makes gamers able to explore different locations and planets while completing multiple main and side quests.

Although there is an issue in Starfield that looks to persist in a number of more apt Bethesda franchises. In this case, players complain about a particular character model, whose models look similar to Cora Coe, whose character appears in different locations.

With games like Starfield, players focus on replayability, and how many new things gamers discover during each replay. The Starfields’ predecessors from Bethesda successfully achieved that, such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises.

The players complain that this model problem makes the game repetitive and breaks their game immersion, making them frustrated with the limited effort given to diversification of NPC characters.

According to players, there’s a high chance that two of these NPCs will eventually lose their starship, which has been reprimanded by the watering.

Why did they use the same ageing kid in so many missions and stories? The only thing that’s the story of the riots is the abomination of the swindle. byu/nicholasthehuman inStarfield’s tom.

Imagine two of these characters popping up on the same spot at the same time looking like Grady twins from Stanley Kubricks The Shining. Nobody wants or needs it.

It’s difficult to ignore, since the look, clothes and voice, that’s the same as others. Another said that Cora and Sona stand alongside each other in her save, and that Sona complains of not having other children to play with. Sona doesn’t care about it.

Other redditors started to joke that they were due to Cora being disliked by everybody and that no one wants NPCs on their starship, because of their constant conversation and weird questions. Of course, another finally noted that she was a kind of accident. riffing on Sam telling you that you don’t know that Cora is planned yet? Cora seems to be a real good timer.

While it may not seem that big of a problem, and players often react to the bugs like those that the famous Bethesda is famous for, these are the small details that make significant difference between great games and masterpieces.

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