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Starfield fans frustrated with the missing important feature

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Starfield is already open and lots of players have already joined the game. Various of these space explorers have also started discussions about the game in the community. However, a typical rule of thumb is in the games map design or lack thereof, which is so frustrating that many have lost interest.

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Starfield is a fairly big game. Players can take into account a lot of different features. As with the scale of the game, there are also problems with the navigability of cities and planets. Some players express their grief about the games map, adding that they aren’t helpful in navigating the games confusing cities and planets.

Skyrims on map 12 years ago vs starfields. by u/heart_of_a_daedra in Starfield.

Another example of that is the city of New Atlantis. It is very large and confusing and, as many players noted, it’s quite large and confusing. Several people said that being to important places like the shops without a mission marker is difficult. A noteworthy complaint is from a Reddit post from user u/heart_of_a_daed who compares the games map design with older games like Skyrim.

It’s awful to get a city map by u/flash246 in Starfield.

Another big complaint is that the game doesn’t have cities maps in general. The players like Reddit user u/flash246 complained that the games lack city maps, with New Atlantis just being one of the biggest causes of their complaints. Some players have also noted that community mods will likely be created to resolve the issue in case Bethesda doesn’t.

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Despite this, Starfield received generally positive reviews from critics and fans. But while the game’s not out yet, its combined player count is already over 200,000 concurrent players at the time of the post-drafting.

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