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Starfield Guide The Best Ways to become an expert in the knowledge and skills of beginners

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Bethesda Game Studios Starfield has a leveling system, and this is how you’ll find some of the skills necessary to survive. Each requirement requires a skill to unlock; as you complete a few challenges, you can assign additional skill to unlock the skill level. As far as you can tell, skill points are highly valuable if you want to take in a variety of different things (check our guide to best starting skill choices).

Even though you don’t like a specific choice, there’s no option for respeccing. No, not even in New Game Plus. The flip side is that Starfield has no level limits you can stay leveling up, so it’s possible to earn all the Skills with enough time. If you buy a XP, you’ll find it harder. There are the best ways to get out of the snow quickly and gain the necessary skill points.

How to get a quick start and earn a minimum of skill points.


There is a chance to sleep in Starfield, and you should take advantage of it whenever possible. Walk up to bed, and sleep. Upon awakening, you’ll get the Well-Rested buff, which increases all the XP earned for one day (in-game). Even if you are completing different missions and side quests at this time, it will all be worth it. To your benefit, there isn’t any costs that do this.

To make a passive XP boost, it’s better to drink the aid like Alien Tea and Boba Alien Tea. They both buff XP gains by one percent for 15 minutes. Among the two materials – Distilled Water and Fiber; and that in the latter, Distilled Water, Aromatic and Membrane are needed. The only difference between the two of them is that Boba Alien Tea gives +8 ooz for five minutes. For even more gains, if starting big fights or slaying alien creatures on Very Easy (see below).

Complete the main story and the side of the apex.

The easiest way to earn big amounts of XP is to complete long-dozen quests. They grant a good amount of XP on completion (usually 700 or more), even if they’ren’t as exciting as a side or companion quest.

Aside, you’ll find rewards and XP, even when it’s not so much as the first story. The key is to combine other activities while continuing to complete the main story quests side by side. Don’t worry about if things get too difficult so you can always set the difficulty to extremely Easy and speed up the campaign.

Mission Boards

In the Lodge in New Atlantis and other cities such as Neon, Cydonia etc., you will find the Board of Mission. They are like the Radiant Quests from Bethesda’s older role-playing games, allowing you to carry out a few tasks for Credits and XP. A good way to hang on to the XP is to pick them up and to finish them while doing other side quests.

Faction mission boards:

There’s also a mission board for Factions found in their respective cities. From the beginning, you have access to a Contellations Mission Board, where from there on the ground, to the planet, and on the phenomena. The UC Vigilance has missions for the UC Vanguard and defends against hostile ships in space, often putting you in the wrong position with the Crimson Fleet.

The Crimson Fleets tasks are in the form of The Key and involve space piracy and the attack on the UC Vanguard. If you are doing a mission for either of these, you should be aware of the way they can harm you. Néon is Ryujin Industries’ site, focuses on corporate espionage, while Freestar Group on Akila is more ground combat focused – while embracing space cowboy fantasy.

Scanning Planets

One of the easiest ways to earn XP, even if it’s a little expensive, is to scan planets. There are a lot of planets in each system, and since fast traveling is pretty easy, it isn’t difficult to scan them all. If you give a full scan of XP and Credits, you have the opportunity to sell the survey to Vladimir Sall, on the Eye, then you need to make your own discovery on the planet. If you want to explore, finding the cash is a good way to earn money, even if it is so hard.

If you don’t want to see a planet, scan on gas giants or asteroids for 50 XP. Because you can not land on them, the survey is thought to be complete. You can sell it to Sall for easy money.

It’s also worth noting that you get XP to find new landmarks, settlements and cities. Although it is not the best method for farming XP, it’s still a consistent way to earn it as long as you play.

Ships of an Enemy mission take a ride.

The killing enemies will grant XP no matter where you go. Nevertheless, you might want to end up with a destruction of a ship. Instead, destroy its trespass drive to avoid running away, and then take it on board. Kill all the enemies on board, loot them and take the ship for yourself. You can buy it and the spare loot that the enemies can buy for credit. If you want to blow up the ship afterwards it will net some XP, but you will get significantly more XP from this process than destruction a ship.

Killing Alien Creatures on Very Easy Earth.

If you want to earn XP fast and have some grinding in the starting planet, hunt alien wildlife. Of course, there is something quite interesting about it. Fast travel to high-level planets such as Ixyll2, Gamma Vulpes 2, Serpentis 4 or Hyla 2. These animals have a lot of fauna, which means alien creatures and the game’s coming off.

Their levels also range from 40 to 55, but before you think that’s impossible to overcome, set the difficulty up to Very Easy. You’ll earn the same XP as if playing on normal or hard; however, as long as you earn a lower quality item, this is no real deal. Land on the planet, abandon your spaceship, get out of the danger of alien creatures. If no one has already left, choose a different landing place, fast travel and try out there.

The difficulty has made the loss of money. Moreover, it can be achieved by using a well-rested buff to take a sleep in your ship before and drink a Boba Alien Tea, so as to earn XP.

Since your level increases, these planets won’t help this approach, but you will always try to find higher-level planets. It’s just remembering to look for the people in need of abundance to find a great deal of fauna.

Starfield is available for X/S and PCs for those who purchased the Premium Edition. If you like standard editions and games, the owners won’t have to wait a long time to make it to jump into the game. The spacer RPG goes live on September 6th and will live at 5 p.m. (PT/8) on january 7th. Check out our official review in the meantime.

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