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Starfield has gone gold, preloading begins tomorrow for everyone except Steam players

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Starfield, Bethesda’s next massive RPG, is almost here, and marking a major milestone, the studio today announced that the game has officially gone gold. Marking even more good news for fans, the game’s preloads were also revealed to be opening tomorrow, though Steam players are unfortunately being left out.

Console players on Xbox Series X|S and PC players on the Microsoft Store will be able to download Starfield game files early and keep them ready for launch starting tomorrow, August 17.

Don’t forget that it is an Xbox Play Anywhere title too. While not confirmed yet, preloading may unlock for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers as well.

However, the Steam version’s preload will begin on August 30, the same day that the game opens up to special edition buyers as part of the early access benefit.

Bethesda did not elaborate as to why the Steam preload is happening so late. At least Standard Edition owners will have six days to download the files with this schedule.

This is the second time in recent times that a high-profile and massive RPG has not been able to provide preload files. Baldur’s Gate 3 also suffered from this, though that was attributed to a Steam issue with leaving its early access program.

Starfield’s download size has not been confirmed by Bethesda yet, though some leaks put it at over 100GB. With the release date looming, PC system requirements should also be coming soon.

Today’s gold confirmation also arrives only a few days after some concerns were raised on X regarding the game’s lack of a “gone gold” announcement.

For those unfamiliar with the lingo, The ‘gone gold’ for video games marks that the release version is now ready for shipping for customers. This does not mean a day-one patch won’t be coming though.

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Starfield is releasing September 6 for Standard Edition owners and Game Pass members. Those who purchase Premium or Constellation Editions of the title can jump in early on August 31 to begin exploring the sci-fi universe.

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