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Starfield has over six million players, marking Bethesdas’ first game yet

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In less than one week, Bethesdas have managed to cross over six million players. Xbox confirmed the news on X Thursday morning. The company said its biggest game, Bethesda.

The Xbox One has been struggling to achieve a massive hit in the Xbox Series. Infinite ran into a problem as the player’s lack of theprogression system. Nevertheless, titles likeRedfall failed to reach fan and critic expectations.Starfieldgarnering over six million players is likely some much-needed positive news for the Xbox team.

Take a photo from Bethesda.

Starfield was originally going to be released on November 11, 2022, but was re-pushed back to September 5. Although there are still bugs that can be found in sci-fi, it can be played better than previous versions of the Bethesda anime. It seems that the delay somehow helped. We reviewed the game here for 10/10.

The player who has fun playing the football is enjoying this game.

Since then, the players have found a multitude of easter eggs and many splendid quests around the universe. You can pick a baseball from the Golden State of the Great Deal. The Rank 4 Skill of the Red Skandles has a pretty small reference to the red skyrim with an arrow to the knee.

Andrea Gonzales found that relation between your protagonist and your parents extremely charming, too. Starfieldportrays the protagonists parents as a married couple, but they are probably more supportive than many who share that background, said Gonzales. It could even give the viewer a better idea of who the protagonist is considering for their own backstory. While the game is big, a few important human elements transcend intergalactic experience.

Other Starfield players like the ship creation system. One person was able to get the Planet Express from Futurama ship, for example. With six million other players in Starfield, a lot, and some more wild creations will likely be made.

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