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Starfield has released a Steam Record for Skyrims. But that still doesn’t beat Baldurs Gate 3

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That’s a radical statement, we know, but it looks like Starfield is getting a big hit. Ok, were being facetious there, but still glad. If it had bombed, Bethesda had already attempted a new IP for 25 years. But Starfield has broken the score of the Dead Scroll V: Skyrim, with more than half a million spacefarers running a game simultaneously.

Why’s it important? While Starfield is available on Xbox and PC Game Pass, you’ve got to buy it exclusively. Among the 313 993 people (as reported by SteamDB), every one of them paid for the game. SteamDB estimates that more than a million people own this game, which is a lot of fun.

As far as the United States has come, Starfield has beaten Skyrim 297,822 players simultaneously, but it still doesn’t at a level that reached Baldurs Gate 3 level. Despite the fact that SteamDB won’t be 100% on the mark, the Baldurs Gate 3’s all-time peak is 875 343 (which occurred around launch). Does Bethesda consider it a shocking failure?

No, it doesn’t matter at all. Yes, we couldn’t resist comparing them, but ultimately these two games are very different. Each one is different – with their own merits. As for story and character, Baldurs Gate 3 has more depth, based on our experiences, but still loved Starfield. This is safer; I think that there’s a worm in our eye, but I think that it’s not only because nobody had a chance of a worm, but, still, I found it difficult to learn about it.

That being said, if anyone wants to introduce Karlach to Starfield, we won’t object immediately.

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