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Starfield, having sex gives a bonus to obtaining experience points called Emotional Security

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Starfield includes a unique bonus for characters with sexual relations: this is called Emotional Security and gives a bonus to taking Experience Points.

It doesn’t matter if you have any sex in Starfield. Intimate relationships are useful also to obtaining a bonus called Emotional Security that gives an experience reward. As you can see below, the information was shared via Reddit.

A: One-on-one boost in XP / 25% for sleep with another in Starfield.

The Emotional Security bonus lasts 24 minutes for real and gives you a bonus of 15-50 % for the characters Experience Points. It is a better version of the Well Rested bonus, which can be obtained by sleeping alone. In this case, it’s a +10%.

Starfield: The bonus for Emotional Security isn’t immediately available.

Starfield offers different characters with whom you can have a relationship.

Evidently, earning the Emotional Security bonus in Starfield isn’t a given. It is indeed necessary to evolve the relationship with one of the characters who are possible to have a relationship (Andreja, Barrett, Sarah and Sam Coe). If you decide to be loyal to a character, you can spend the night with them.

The open relationship isn’t an option in Starfield and if you want to get along with another one, it’s necessary to end the relationship.

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