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Starfield: How can you play in 60fps? (The only solution

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Final conclusion, the waiting in order to end, as Starfields are already around. Before the game started, it had another controversy. It was previously revealed that the game would be limited to 30 bps for Xbox consoles. The Xbox fans stoked because even their expensive new-gen products can’t run a game more than 30ps, especially in 2023.

The moment is over when players will come to investigate the galaxy. If it’s not the first step, the exploration won’t be buttery smooth. Using 120Hz native support by consoles, a gaming limit that’s 60fps limited makes little sense.

Unfortunately, it’s the only way to play Starfield on Xbox. Todd Howard talked about the framerate in saying that Starfield would be able to run at 60fps so it would have to sacrifice too much. With this reason the team decided to limit the frame rate to 30.

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We are unable to confirm if the story is similar for gamers. There’s a new leak on the games. Because of the leak, we can see that the Starfield PC version runs above 30fps.

The answer is to play Starfield on a PC.

PCs with an AMD Ryzen 3800X and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti are capable of running Starfield at 45-60fps. While it can even push to 60-70fps in some scenarios. Moreover, a better PC will be easier to operate.

Moreover, there is the biggest indication that Starlight can run on higher frame rates, therefore it is the only solution to play the game below 30 feet.

It’s not a shame that Xbox gamers can enjoy the beautiful world of Starfield at a faster rate. Even though a PC game requires a stronger hardware setup, this game can grow higher fps. Hence, if you have PC and Consoles, it’s better if you play this game on PC.


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