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Starfield: How to stop coughing?

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If you want to get all of your teeth done, you can kill yourself and give yourself some stern energy. Thankfully, there’s a way to resolve the problem.

Chances are, you, as many others, fancied a quick trip to Starfield to Earth. Maybe you had a little trouble getting near some dangerous gas clouds and went out coughing.

It was a cough that went away and thrashed him. That was always the case in our playthrough, so we soon found a solution, which we’re happy to pass on to you today.

Help to Stop Coughing in Starfield?

For the sake of ending the persistent cough in Starfield, you have to heal their lung to a second by following one of the following methods:

  • Using an interdisciplinary object, called the Aid Item.
  • Snake oil (Aid Item) with a snake oil.
  • A doctor was in the same boat as a doctor a month ago and asked if he was able to be healed.
  • Waiting for a long time until the lung’s damage heals itself.

Many times it’s possible to get rid of a cough using four methods, but injectors and Snake Oil are also the fastest way to stop coughing in Starfield.

These items can be purchased from medical suppliers, such as Doctors, or can be modeled upon by the physicians or the medical labs as it could be done above the lodge.

Doctors are found in a lot of major cities.

There’s one easy-to-find option, Reliant Medical, right by The Lodge in New Atlantis.

Why am I dumping in Starfield?

When your character is coughing in Starfield, it’s because you have sustained lung damage, the most likely due to gas breathing.

Check the Status Effects menu to see if you have lung damage. The yellow lung damage indicator appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

By avoiding the harmful gases that be fed onto the displaced planet Earth, you can see it all wrong.

Once you have it, you can either wait for a few days in-game for it to clear up, or you can heal yourself by injecting drugs, or with acupuncture.

If you have a cough, you’ll find out how to get away from your enemies. In addition, you’ll take O2 damage temporarily while coughing, making it a serious health issue.

And also in contrast, you will only cough during important dialog, which is as distracting and annoying as it is.

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