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Starfield is mediocre and that’s why everybody’s so upset about it

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Starfield is the source of many online arguments (pic: Microsoft)

A reader explores the psychology of gamer fandom and the phenomenon of arguing over Starfield.

The internet has been a deteriorating area for the past few weeks – if you’re a gamer, with so many opinion about Starfield, and many other stuff still going to be recurrent, since only a Wednesday could be used for everyone. Many arguing is made up of PlayStation 5, whose upset an Xbox exclusive gets the limelight, while others are hardcore Bethesda fans who don’t like to admit their idols could make something disappointing (I think they weren’t playing Fallout 76).

Finally there is a lot of controversy over Bethesda withholding review copies, that some people have tied themselves in knots to pretend to be some kind of mistake or not that the perfect thing is this: an attempt to manipulate the Metacritic score before launch.

I got Game Pass so I go as soon as it becomes available, because why wouldn’t you? How is my verdict? That’s all right. It’s nothing very beautiful, and very much what I’ve expected, and while I’ll play it some more, I can already tell that it’ll become a very bad and unreliable experience. As for me, it isn’t the end of the world, but I believe it is the mediocre games that always cause the most disagreement.

If a game is good (Zelda or Baldurs Gate 3) or bad (Redfall and Fallout 76), it is seldom an argument, as it’s obvious you’re not like a troll for a big battle. With a little bit of the open season, it’s hard to tell if you’re genuinely serious or relying on the chaos.

I wouldn’t say its impossible to describe the combat in Starfield as a thing more than average, but because it isn’t terrible, and there are a lot of options and weapons available for you, so you may argue that its better. Or use the old classic that you know it isn’t great, but all else around the game makes it interesting/enjoyable than it is.

Here are all these old arguments, they come together every time. That’s why I always assume they’re usually people being like trolls and/or concerts. Even though sometimes I think they are not doing it on purpose and the problem is theyve hyped themselves up so much for the release that they just won’t or can’t see the games faults and pretend it’s exactly what they were hoping for, whether it’s or not.

Is there anything that wouldn’t be disappointed to learn how Starfields space travel and exploration works, because it is impossible to drive between space and the surface directly? And yet you see tons of apologists pretending that is really fine and you should’ve never been expecting anything else. But again, as a consequence of the fact that there was an awful lot of games that had already done that more than three decades ago, there were plenty of games that had only done that.

Starfield is the boring game I’ve played in my life. Readers feature: Feature of the most boring game I’ve played in the past two years.

The series Starfield is my year’s winner.

Nintendo Switch 2 was at Gamescom with enhanced Zelda and Unreal Engine 5.

Im not saying that Starfield is a terrible or even bad game. I can play it for a dozen or more hours, but I’m saying that its not a particularly good one. And that’s where all the disputes and disagreement came from. Especially with Bethesda acting like they did the best game ever, and without showing anyone a word of humility or honesty about anything.

As predictable as it sounds, it is only for me to know where the world will end. Could this blow over some weeks and Starfield be slowly forgotten or will Microsoft and Bethesda keep pushing it, pretending its had universal praise? While they don’t have anything else to push, I want another option, meaning that it’s probably only going to mean longer battles for a long time.

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