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Starfield is the UK’s best-selling physical game, and that could mean lots of money

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Christopher Dring, editor of, anticipated the sales data from the UK as announcing Starfield and the best selling game in the UK between physical games last week and the data would mean more than it seems to be.

According to Dring, this isn’t at all the best time of 2023, whereas in order to return to the world, the best experiences were Horgwarts, The Legend of Zelda, The Death of Zelda; the Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Death Island, and Death Island 2, however the result has a particular meaning, considering that Starfield is predominantly aimed at the digital market.

As reported by Dring, the sales of the Starfields games are much better than Diablo 4, an alternative game that focuses more on digital and physical, but it also counts on the sold copies of PS4 and PS5, platforms historically still closely connected to the physical market.

A great result for a game focusing on digital media.

According to the reporter, if we consider the large majority of Starfield books sold digitally, and that many users probably would rather a subscription to Game Passwe, there could be at the biggest launch of 2023.

This is a hypothetical question but it also gives a new insight into how physical copies sold are now a metric that barely corresponds to the reality of the real world. For example, a few product and platforms do not count very much on this type of distribution. However, if a game focusing exclusively on digital does well be able to achieve an exceptional number on the physical market, it can be a sign of a serious positive trend.

A few days after launch, it emerged that Starfield had 6 million players in total, who considered the best launch ever for Bethesda, while in the last hours the 30 000 concurrent players on Steam were exceeded, and that was the set record for Skyrim.

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