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Starfield: Many games were already released by Xbox 360 based studios

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The Xbox Game Studios decided to celebrate the launch of Starfield publishing a set of artwork, mostly inspired by the main of Bethesda. For example, 343 Industries has created an action-friendly play called Halo, which you can see at the top of the news, and suits with space role play. There are also others you can admire below.

All of the artwork that has been published has been fully published.

I’m in the sky rushing under Starfield.

Starfield is certainly the game of the moment – most talked about and the most talked about. It’s a great moment for Xbox Game Studios. The new Xbox Phil Spencer (which you can always play with a mod), finally revolving into the billion-dollar acquisitions of recent years.

The artwork that is made of other studios shows the importance that Starfield has on the whole platform. It appears to be the first results already because of the surge in the number of players at the launch.

Doom Eternal has a distinct, more carnal look.

What do you think of a hatchet in space?

That fits perfectly in Bethesdas game.

In all honesty, the rays to the stars are available for Xbox and Xbox Series, so they can be purchased for themselves or played via Game Pass and on Xbox, PC, and all Xcloud compatible devices.

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