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Starfield players love CohhCarnages. They can respond quickly to the early critics

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Starfield players love and support Ben CohhCarnage Cohh, who thinks Starfield is an excellent game if you focus on all the great things about it but you’ll not have a good time if you only focus on the bad aspects.

Starfield has received numerous negative reviews even before the official launch of the new RPG on Sept. 6. But now it’s out and players finally able to fly into the stars, the negativity has never gone any better, with many of them saying that you can’t pilot ships from planet to planet without hours, the unhelpful map system or the fact that the claim open-world isn’t the same open it was portrayed to be.

That doesn’t mean Starfield is bad, says CohhCarnage. This game could be a bad game if you do focus only on the stuff you don’t like, says he. It can be a great game if you focus on something you like.

Someone showed me this clip. I think he was completely right about that game byu/ManyAGoodTale inStarfield.

Various players are agreeing. Some believe Starfield is like a choice your own adventure. To do what you like, you may encounter something you don’t like. But if the latter is not integral or indispensable to the story, then you shouldn’t worry about trying and playing at the same time in Starfield.

Related You can fly directly to Starfields planets as well as the surface of that planet. The shipbuilding system of Starfield could also be upgraded by simple means. Starfields planets are boring because moon is Disney World, says Bethesda.

Although all of these experiences were different, the game like Starfield is both enjoyable and bad. Its all you focus on, what you make of it, and what you put in will determine which side of the fence you are going towards more towards.

So, just do what you love. Starfield is always more enjoyable.

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