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Starfield Shielded Cargo Hold: How to get and add to your ships?

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If you want to smuggle contraband in Starfield, the Shielded Cargo Hold is a must-have item, and here is how to get it.

Contraband in the latest EPG of Bethesdas is extremely valuable and a sale of it can earn a lot of credits for the players. The freestar Collective or the United Colonies will not allow you to bring these items into your orbits, if you don’t hide them with this special cargo hold.

We’re digging into how you can become a smuggler.

How to Get Shielded Cargo in Starfield?

Starfield players can get a Shielded Cargo Hold by:

  • After selling a Buy-in Shielded Cargo Hold, they sell that.
  • Stealing a ship that has it installed.

The easiest and fastest way to buy one is because in fact stealing a ship with Shielded Cargo can take a long time.

Not every ship you steal will also be wearing a SMD wagon, so it’s a luck-based task.

How to Buy shielded Cargo?

You must go to a black-market ship dealer to acquire the Shielded Cargo. Because they’re illegal, most vendors don’t offer you the Shielded Cargo Hold for sale, but there’s a bad chance that those on the black market buy that.

Where easy to travel is to Lon Andersson in the red route on Porrima III on the Porrima system.

  • Travel to Porrima III in the Porrima-System.
  • Come on to the Red Mile.
  • As soon as you enter the building, speak to Lon Andersson who is sitting in his office.
  • Select the type: I want to view the ship and modify it.
  • I’m the owner of a shipbuilding platform X (Ybox) or b (PC).
  • Make sure you don’t jump from the shipbuilder.
  • If you want to add A (Xbox) or G (PC), select Add A (Xbox) or G (K) to your list.
  • In the ship parts menu, turn the switch right off until you reach Cargo.
  • There are various options here, including Shielded Cargo.
  • Choose the one you want to buy, and buy this ship part.
  • Once you buy a bottle, you’ll get it on the ship. If you do not know how to add it, here’s a guide from the article, explaining how to add the Shielded Cargo.

    Can a ship’s head be operated with the rear-swivel’s Shielded Cargo?

    To steal a ship with a “Symphony” cargo, you must leave for the ship and kill everybody in. It’ll be time for you to sit in the pilot seat.

    Next, enter the menu and go through the ship section in the bottom right. On the left, the command, under Ship Overview and under Cargo, will say that the Shielded Cargo capacity is still under consideration.

    If you want more detail on how to steal enemy ships, you can check out our guide.

    Certainly, an engine of a forged car will come from a boat that has a slug. The pirates or spacers may steal a ship of better price.

    How to add sliced cargo to your ship in Starfield?

    To add Shielded Cargo, you need:

  • Buy one from the shipbuilder.
  • Leave it behind unattached to your ship.
  • Remove your current cargo.
  • Hold the Shielded Cargo Hold and place it where your previous one was attached.
  • Select your previous car, and remove it.
  • Once you have completed these steps, you can take to the shipbuilding process and save your progress. Any item in the former cargo will automatically transfer to the old one.

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