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Starfield stealth is reportedly bad or isn’t working; stealth builds useless according to the players

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Starfield players encounter problems with the stolen section of games, since enemies possess an exceptionally keen detection ability that makes stealth impossible.

Numerous players have been to various social media platforms to share their experiences and reports, reflecting this problem.


I have max sneak and slurned weapons, but enemies can detect you very well, even in the distantest. There is too much more that we got back to lol.

How is stealth implemented then? I gained the stealth skill and it looks like the enemies can find me instantly. What has it given? (Source)

Starfield is a large sci-fi RPG that gives players profound space-faring experience. This game has a lot of interesting things to learn, but also develops deep RPG mechanics.

With character customization and diversifying combat styles, players have the ability to choose their preferred combat style, whether it be blitz, defensive tanking, or stealthy assassinations.

Even recent reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) suggest that the stealth aspect of the game is significatively unbalanced. Because the enemies elicit unheard of their surroundings and detect the players easily.

Although a game is the best steward equipment, players are easily found in the game, and still find themselves in control.

Why is Stealth broken in Starfield?

According to the player’s report, the primary reason behind the failed stealth scheme seems to be a Chameleon trait.

This trait is somewhat misleading, because players believe it makes them permanently invisible and undetectable. In reality, it doesn’t leave the player behind when he’s sitting.

Chameleon is a trait if you are agun or a leather suit, which means that when you stop moving you go invisible (Source).

This is not a trait that has meant the players not utilizing stealth in the game. To be fair, there is no reason for it to mean the balance between games is optimal.

This style of chameleon is just one of the stealth mechanics, and other elements of the game require substantial improvements.

In fact, the powerful detection skills of enemies need to be reevaluated. It’s not official to me that developers have confirmed the issue.

We’ll monitor the situation and update if and when there’s any additional developments.

I have a video. Bethesda’s.

The news quickly grabbed the attention of many famous newspapers like Forbes, Foxnews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, Macrumors, and many more. Do you want to know more about us? Head over here.

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