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Starfield textures aren’t loading, missing or glitched (workarounds in the workaround); New Atlantis low quality graphics are being criticized

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Starfield players have recently experienced an issue where the textures aren’t loading properly or appear to be unconstitutional. Aside from that, the gaming experience for several gamers has been negatively impacted in the past few days.

As a result of the reports (more than 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), the players seemed to have to have enjoyed a fun gaming experience, even with high graphics. However, after some time, multiple issues began to surface.

They claim that the games texture doesn’t load properly, and the audio still goes on. Gamers also noted cases where texture and terrain would appear stretched and distorted.

From this source on a tap, click the button button.

They contend that the issue becomes particularly severe in urban areas as all the textures in their vicinity seem to be in terrible form. The weapons cannot even be switched due to the fact that the graphics fail to load completely.

Out of that, some also noticed the texture glitch on exploring the open-state planets.

And hardly ever, players, even when they installed a game or had the old disk, experience such problems.

I played lots on Day 1 and were never able to repair it even though most of the graphics grew to high with 5700 xt then again, a couple days later I am no longer making use of textures and audio. Source

Gamers are misled, because they can run a lot of other graphics demanding games like Destiny on their systems a little faster.

One of the impacted says the graphics remain glitched even after the game runs on Windows and Linux.

This is happening, to mention, even when their system is equipped with a high-end graphics card with lots of VRAM.

Since there was no problem with nvidia control panel, you could try the textures/blocky shadows. The issue won’t go away. Source

Another asserts that despite the high-quality details in games, the background is rendered in low resolution.

Potential workarounds

Unfortunately, we have gotten some workarounds that might be helpful in solving your problem. If AMD has the power of graphics cards installed on their devices, some of the newer ones can try to change the Tessellation option so that users could use the Application Settings.

If this doesn’t help resolve your problem, remove the file ” Pipeline.cache” from the C:UsersusernameLocal>Starfield directory.

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NVIDIA users also try to make the graphics as easy as you can. The graphics drivers will be removed and reinstalled as soon as possible and run the game.

New Atlantis’ high quality graphics criticised the design of new prints.

Many gamers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) complain that the graphics in the New Atlantis area are poorly regarded.

They say that the visuals become blurry, the frame rate stutters, and the textures are rendered from very low quality, resembling clay-like surfaces.

As per the claim, the lack of beautiful images are especially noticeable when you look at the green trees outside the lodge or the water outside the MAST.

Source ( Click / tap to view)

I don’t have a taste for New Atlantis textures and the water effects. KOTOR or something. This game deserves that 7/10 review. I will play the whole time, due to the fact I waited so long and who knows it might not get better, but I guess it seems like Starfield should have been released 10 years ago. Source

It seems obvious that players have questioned why this particular area suffers the most from such things.

I don’t think that the games with sounding, textures, foliage, etc. look bad at all, but at times, it’s still so bad that the games are too dull for the attention. Everything is literally flat. Source

Unfortunately, Bethesda has not responded to the issue officially. But we are hopeful it’ll address the gamers concerns soon.

That said, I hope you will keep in mind this topic and update this story whenever you come across something very important.

Starfield, seen by the image.

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