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Starfield: Thriller: Over 234,000 players on Steam

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As part of the Early Access Phase of the Space Role-playing game Starfield on the 1st September, there were over 2304,000 simultaneous players on Steam.

In the first place since the first of September, owners of the Prime or Constellation edition can finally explore the world of starfield’s play-playing space.

The actual result of SteamDB shows that the Bethesda title went into early access on the day it launched the first two hours reaching a peak of 234,502 concurrent players on Steam. On Xbox One, the number of players active or passed on the Xbox Game Pass is unknown.

The previous records of Fallout 4 (472,962 players) and Skyrim (287,411 players) could be smashed and a new record appears to be in a world of possibility.

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