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Starfield Trailer introduces three United Colonies Star Systems

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In all the stars and places players will take to Starfield. Microsoft and Bethesda shared a brief teaser trailer showing three locations. These are all Starfield United Colonies territories, established in World War II in 1859.

Here are a closer look at the Starfield United Colonies star systems. The world goes by Alpha Centauris, S.S. Mars and the Wolfs Pontem.

In accordance with the Treaty of Narion, the UC controls 3 star systems at the heart of humanity’s earliest interstellar endeavors. Sociology is an old history, built on a military tradition, civic pride and science. #Starfield

Starfield (@StarfieldGame) August 29, 2023.

This isn’t the only starfield teaser. Bethesda released a video of the influencers AstroAro Alexandra, Filspixel, LilyPichu, and Myth at Huntsville, Alabamas Space Camp to show how NASA is doing.

As part of a strategy to build new information and prepare it for release, Bethesda showed what the set of the customization and reshape screen of the custom-made bookshelf is meant for.

Starfield will be returning on September 6 and 2023 to the Xbox X and the PC. Before Sept. 2223, there’s an early exit.

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