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Starfield versus Baldurs Gate 3: Bethesda still has a benefit

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The building opened at the 17th, 2023 in 1:15. The Starfield and the Baldurs Gate 3 have very little in common. There is one feature behind a discussion, but here the upcoming role-playing game is a good-looking game.

Two large games are no longer standard. The PC game charts weren’t at any different since the beginning of August when Starfield, the next heavyweight, is in the starting blocks. This makes up comparisons with everyone else.

The appearance will be adjusted again soon.

While both games will likely cover very different role-playing interests, it’s understandable that some features are compared. Now that the Waldurs Gate 3 Stand performs worse than Starfield on one feature. It’s about the customization option that can be used for character on the game. According to an article from Reddit, Game Pro reports that you can change the exterior in Starfield even after the first character creation. A genetics facility does not meet the requirements for biometric changes.

Why is this just another matter? There is no denying anything else is happening at Baldurs Gate 3. It isn’t without reason that Larian Studios hardcore RPG is loved by gamers and journalists alike. Most developers and publishers can only dream of signing up well into the mid-90s and the number of players on Steam. After many screwed up PC releases, Baldurs Gate 3 recently proved there’s another way. The success was the first of almost three years of Early Access on Steam. At that time, the game matured through community feedback.

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You can’t do any change to the appearance at the moment without BG3. Most of all, by playing off-limits. That caused at least mild criticism, which is larian’s only answer. So it’s possible that with patch 2, this still missing feature can be included in the role-playing game. The most important wishes of the community should be complied here. Even before that, Larian has to install the faulty Hotfix 4 and get the first major update. Only then does Patch 2 succeed. There is already a mod who works to improve the character. In addition to the Transmog mod, that is the ability to recognize a certain element of armor can be transferred to other items. This feature would be added in an update to the character editor.

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