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Starfield was the lowest game on Steam in Bethesda

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Starfield failed to launch for some time (Picture: Microsoft)

Fallout 76 isn’t the lowest popular game on Steam in Bethesdas, due to their poor gameplay and lack of depth and variety.

Since Starfield landed, there have been some mixed messages in the mix, with Bethesda trying to push the review process in their favour and many gamers surprised to discover the distance of space and planets with nothing but a cut scene.

The squalor from Bethesdas has been low, but the total total of 84 isn’t yet among the highest of the year, and is now encouraging enough that many people will still enjoy this game.

You expect a similar response on Steam, where the game has often been in the top 10 most played titles, but only in real fact it’s the lowest rated of any Bethesda Game Studios title (other any of the role-playing games made by the main studio of the company).

At the time of writing, 71,67% of Starfield users are positive. That compares to the 98.88% of Skyrim, a gaming platform that the Bethesda Game Studios is the highest-rated on Steam.

Oblivion is 96,76 percent, Morrowind on 98,34%, Fallout 4 on 81.88%, Fallout 3 on 79,05% (78.52% for non-Game Of the Year) and Fallout 76, pilloried on launch, because it was a broken mess of a game on seven1.75%.

Even though you were already thinking, the majority of complaints, if you are speaking, aren’t the ones who are concerned about your condition. While they’re an issue for Starfield, they are less used to Bethesda fans and the majority of the reviews are concerned with the gameplay itself.

Starfield what an exciting review process (Picture: Microsoft) has been.

This game has no soul. It’s unisonable. Corporate. Bland indicates LXXVII.

In an impressively long review, Starfield offers an ambitious journey within a universe that lacks depth, diversity and richness.

My favorite part of the game is the higher I play Starfield, the more it feels like it is. Infinitely smaller than any of Bethesdas’ previous titles, the scale of the universe they were trying to create, says IAmPattyJack.

Even a few reviews who are negative are very critical of this game, with Prometeusz suggesting that. This is a highly anticipated game. It’s good, but it’s just so good. It certainly isn’t a gaming Messiah like Bethesda and Todd want you to think. Don’t buy anything for full price, wait for discounts.

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Starfield’s long-term reputation isn’t known – however not all professional reviews are yet in place, therefore the Metacritic score could still fall to the point of view.

It is true in the user reviews of Steam, but while the game is about to fall out of the top 10 most played titles, Microsoft has seen over 10 million players so far.

The very high number of users involved is due to the fact that the game is available at no extra cost, Game Pass, but the real sales figures are unlikely to be known.

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