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Starfield: What kind of character does your chosen one choose for a starting career?

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Starfield: What are the most good traits and backgrounds to choose for a good start?

Published on 02/09/2023 at 08:30.

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The big leap in Starfield finally arrived. But so that you can’t snag a character, you must create a character. This latter can be modified as you wish, but we must start with a history, a past and the ability to explore the world for pleasure. Some attributes and backgrounds are great to start a space adventure, while others are less relevant to others. To optimize this all, we recommend you see more in this guide.


ForewordWhat are the best backgrounds for Starfield? What are the best characteristics for Starfield?


While the appearance of our character can be altered by changing the body shape or even the hairstyle, their past will remain unchanged once you have left the creation screen. That’s why you should take into account the choice of traits and backgrounds, because your adventure on Starfield can take on an entirely new dimension, depending on them.

What are the best backgrounds for Starfield?

Once you have finished customizing your character, you will have to choose his background, namely his past and his preferred skills. Some can help you start your Starfield adventure more easily than others. So, read the links below which all of us seem to get you to start.

The space bomb starts with a benefit on a Persuasion challenge, but also on a weapon and a pilot. These skills are very useful since your first weapons will be rifles, and Persuasion is an art that will benefit everyone in the end of your adventure. Diplomat : this background can help you prevent mistakes when it comes to weapons. You leave with two essential skills in your adventure (Persuasion and Commerce). And, as you go and smile, you’ll get better free from life. The experience in the Starfield field is dependent on a solid working relationship. So, a great deal of effort will provide you with the same experience. But this past is particularly useful for the security skill, which allows you to pick locks from your first minutes of play. Many interesting items are hidden, or hidden behind doors or a locked chest. Desperation is an evil thing, we shouldn’t be able to miss them. Lastly, if you want to do some research to unlock new recipes, the Methodology skill may be ideal for saving the resources needed to complete your research. The ability to use ballistic weapons is vital to breaking your opponent’s shields in space. If you want to learn the science and physics of Starfield, then you need to consult our wiki so you can understand them better. Also, some of our guides are useful.

What are the best things to start with at Starfield?

You have chosen your circumstances now that it is time to tackle these traits. This part of your character customization will give you the freedom to choose your avatar’s attitude. We tend to tell you that you should choose the one that you want, because it is the most exciting of all of your adventures, but if you have any doubts of some of them, read down below.

Your idol is the fan. That gap fills the crew or is it useful to have some gifts? This can be useful, but be careful because it tends to become painful. Symptoms : you can check whether your actions are approved or not by your friends. Counts on the battlefield if you recognize allies. Extraversion : having companions with you is helping you. This trait is perfect if you want to travel on an adventure with their friends. Your character will be much longer lasting. You will be able to join factions during your adventure. They will commission you to accomplish several tasks in the stars. To take these traits will be given bigger rewards.

The traits we’ve selected have only positive affects on your character. The others may be good to take, but the others will be circumstantial. You can still collect certain traits from Reliant Medical Center (there is one in New Atlantis, and one in the SRMA district). Also note that further traits can be removed using this scenario. Remember to bear in mind that most of the material removed can’t be recovered.

Our Starfield guide is a summary.

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