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Starfield: Where to find the buyer with the highest credit

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In Starfield, you need to know which vendor offers the most credits so you can sell your weapons and gear in the best possible way.

Each vendor has the highest credit for itself. That means that you can’t sell them once you have exhausted the credit supply. You should wait till they buy or even head to another supplier swam to sell your stuff.

This can be frustrating when you want to offload all your junk quickly, so that you can get back out there and hoard a bit of that sweet space.

Fortunately, there are several select vendors that have more credit in their disposal than the average space peddler. There is a vendor, which is most relevant to the location. You won’t miss it.

Who does Starfield pay for The Most Credits?

The vendor with the most credits in Starfield is Zui Abara from Zuris Essentials at The Key in the Kryx system. She has 32.50 credits for any items you want to sell her to him.

You need to be a part of the Crimson Fleet’s Faction so that you can make the key with Kryx.

Zuri Abara is also taking any contraband or stolen goods from you, making it a great choice for her to sell all types of goods.

The key is the best place to sell your items in Starfield, with six vendors all in one area. A total of 38.8 credits are collected from you at the key.

Here are the vendors who appear at the Key and the amount of credit they have each has:

  • Aludra Tahan, Weapons 4,500 credits, etc.
  • Taryn Kallis, TKs Tactical Gear 5000 credits.
  • Isra Liskova, General Goods 3500 credits.
  • Zuri Abara, Zuris Essentials 12500 credits.
  • Radley Jaso, Trade Authority, $11,000.
  • Samina Mizrah, clinic 1 500.

How to earn the most credits in Starfield to the Vendor.

To get to Zuri Abara, you must go to the key in the Kryx system in Starfield. It orbits the planet Suvorov.

In Starfields, the route in which you were assigned a plot from Alpha Centauri to the Kryx system will be found.

You must fly if your key is below 500 meters and then ship to a dock.

Once inside, head for The Depot after passing the Cargo Bay. From left, you’ll find Zuri Abara at Zuris Essentials shop.

The key is the base of the Crimsons Fleet’s operations in Starfield. You’ll need to join the Crimson Fleet faction before you have access to the key.

How to go to the Crimean Fleet by joining Starfield to reach the Key?

The Crimson Fleet is two ways to join him in Starfield:

  • If you caught your theft or with Contraband in your possession, you get caught while occupied in the United Colonies.
    • You will have an instant entry into UC Vigilance ship, where you can begin the Rook Meets King quest to join the Crimson Fleet.
  • The quest line for UC Vanguard has a goal to unlock the Deep Cover mission.
    • Commander John Tuala will send you to the UC Vigilance where you will start the same Rook Meets King quest to join the Crimson Fleet.
  • You can have an undercover job for the UC Sysdef and still get into the Crimson Fleet. After you left off the offering, the Crimson Fleet contacted you directly for an hour before you can sign up. After you hear about what you did, the Fleet demanded you sign up.

    From any option you choose to the Key in the Kryx system, where you will join the Crimson Fleet and have access to one of the best places selling all your stuff.


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