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Starfield will get full-grooving tools in 2024

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With Starfieldnow out, the modders have already begun to use the tools they have to improve and change the massive sci-fi RPG in a number of ways. And of course despite the fact that this is a game in Bethesda, there’s much excitement surrounding what will happen after the games full modding toolet is available to the community.

When will that happen next? In a recent interview with Famitsu, director Todd Howard explained the problem and confirmed that full modding tools forStarfield will be available sometime in 2024, and that they will allow players to play just about anything.

Since the game has full support, you can do almost anything like the previous games, Howard said. Mods will have new customers next year, but we will do it in large ways because of the love we are, too.

Modding has, of course, been a crucial component in the development of Bethesda games in the past, and it looks like Starfield is not just an option. Howard has previously said that the sci-fi RPG is going to be a modders paradise, while Bethesdas Pete Hines has also suggested that the games modding tools will even let players make entire planets of their own.

Starfield launched globally last week and hit the plane. It has already reached 6 million players, became the biggest launch ever of the time in Bethesdas, and reached over 1 million concurrent players across all platforms on its day of release.

In our review, we scored a score of 10/10, adding that as an unfathomably wide and boundless subject as it is and as a savage of a diverse kind, Starfield has ample space for its genre and medium, so much as it would be best for the first time. Read this full review here.

Starfield is available in Xboxes X/S and PC.

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