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Starfield will launch a new support page for the first half of 2023

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In an industry plagued by frequent delays over the past couple of years, most fans consider release dates more than anything else, vague guidelines. Starfield has a big-name title for 2023, but its highly anticipated release has already been pushed back several times. Players eagerly anticipating the sci-fi space shooter could confirm it’s coming out this year.

While it isn’t a concrete release date, Bethesda reassured players at least one bit that Starfield will be ready in 2023. The support page for the games went live on Bethesda. The game offered the players a chance to inform and answer their questions about the game. One of the questions on this page is the date of the Starfields release.

The answer is too vague, if it turns out that the developer has officially announced when Starfield will be released. All the pages say the game is going to come out in the first half of 2023 for both Xbox and PC. There is little else to learn from this page, which will likely remain sparse until the games are introduced and the players discover issues with the title or bugs.

While this is good news for fans excited about Starfield, it is worth remembering that it’s already been delayed. As of May 2022, Bethesda announced that the game would have been delayed from the initial November 2022 release date, but not the earliest date on which Starfield should open.

Since then they’ve released additional details about how the titles will play out, with multiple factions to try to balance and the incoming return to Earth. Hopefully, the delay helped the developer realize the scale of the games potential, with many fans expecting to play through an enormous Elder Scrolls game in a deep space setting.

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