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Starfield without extrawide (32:9) play leaves players unimpressed and workaround outside

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The early access to Bethesdas high-awaited Sci-Fi RPG Starfield is finally over. But it seems that the game doesn’t feature a huge feature ultrawide, 32:9 point ratio.

Various players submitted their comments on social media, and drew light on the issue.


Im not seeing any 51201440 32:9 resolutions in the game. It is a bit tense. Unless Im a goof and not missing a setting somewhere. That’s also possible. (Source)

I can’t for the life of my life learn how to play a 32-bit-tune monitor. There is a 21:9 option in the window size, but for 32:9 there isn’t anything else. The game takes care of your screen in windowless mode but then puts in black bars, once you’ve turned 21 or 9. There looks like also no fullscreen mode. (Source)

During Bethesdas’s annual speech in 2018, Starfield was announced first. The title has been under development for 29 years.

In this talk Bethesda made significant promises, describing Starfield as Skyrim in space, with vast spaces to explore and in-depth characters.

In addition to that promise, it is the commitment to support the 32:9-Aspect ratio. It showed up the chance for players to use OLED monitors high-speed for visual immersion.

However, as soon as the game reached its conclusion, some players reported on this visual feature (2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that this was not present in the game.

How to alleviate the lack of support in Starfield?

Players have proposed their own fixes to resolve the problems in Starfield.

One player suggested using a Hex editor to make the game run on ultrawide screens (32:9 on-screen ratio). To do that, please.

Download this editor on the top of the page.

Open the file and drag the Starfield.exe file into imhex. The answer is the simple one: the search icon. There is an algorithm to select found values.

Put this 39 8E 63 40 in the imhex. It’ll replace old values. It should look like this after replacement.

S: Ctrl+ /S.

Close editor (without saving the project)

Watch the movie as usual (Source).

Out of these players-proposed solutions, there hasn’t been any official acknowledgment or fix for that issue.

We monitor the situation and provide updates if there are any other developments.

Movie-based source: Steam.

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