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Starfields evil character options are only good and fans agree it should be changed

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Starfield has many unique features, backgrounds and roles to enjoy, but for some, it’s not enough.

After some days in the stars, fans are now finding that Starfield is really lacking in the evil department, particularly when it comes to evil men and men, and there are no genuinely evil roles or jobsand players think they’re necessary.

In Starfield, you can be almost anybody and have any background, like a Beast Hunter, a Chef, a Professor or a Soldier. While there are some hardened professions and characters, the amount given on the more extreme forward is relatively low.

Most of the time, experienced criminals are pretty rude; doing bad things will make your very supposedly morally grey companions angry, etc. Some Starfield characters aren’t aware of little thievery and are always annoyed and deceptively angry. However, they do not like anything darker and seem pretty bland.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit with the idea that a star is evil and only the evil has the most to do.

Considering that Bethesda couldn’t easily have added some intriguing Starfield backgrounds, it would have been a risk to be able to take the risk. One can’t kill an NPC, take their organs and sell them on the black market.

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There’s no profession that suits that route unless you were a Combat Medic delving into the illegal, threatening to save people’s lives, and Starfield players are now convinced they should be.

They didn’t stop there either, dreaming of roles like Kingpin, the head of an Assassin Guild, or even a Drug Lord in these far more bleak alternate starfields.

It would be a very exciting and unique addition to Starfield, ‘the players said, adding a layer of complexity we didn’t just have. Unfortunately, the lack of risk, an in-depth villainy, and the evil characters make Starfield feel PG-13.

Perhaps a new update or DLC can lead us into the underbelly of the stars.

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