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Starfields’ user ratings have started to drop. The reason isn’t only review bombing but also spotting the use of bombs

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Soon after Starfield was released, a certain group calling themselves PlayStation Ambassadors announced that the Bethesda game was bombarded with reviews on Metacritic.

Thus, on Metacritic, the PC version has an average rating of 5.4/10, and the Xbox X|S version is 6.1/10 slightly higher. In these reviews, you can read a lot of complaints related to technical problems of space RPG, disagreement with game elements and even disappointment with the plot. In total, the PC version of Starfield has more than 100 negative reviews on Metacritic.

Some call it a sci-fi clone of the series’ Oblivion and Skyrim. Others note that there are no smooth movements in time from the Earth to the Earth and discoloration in facial animations. Some people have also criticised the character models, who claim they look a few years old. And, optimization often comes from negative reviews.

Huge gameplay and glitches, full of bugs. The game was never played yet. I made a return right away. Bethesda is no longer a cult.

By 2023, if that’s twenty fps? This is probably the dumbest design choice ever made, it ruins everything and makes it feel like an old game.

This game is almost in place. Bethesda promised a space exploration possibility but in reality, it’s not that obvious.

The game is very funny. Empty and boring. No recommendation at all, a waste of time. There’s a lot of evidence that Todd and Phil Spencer are both big liars.

Even the harshest critics of the stars agree that the game can be a lot of fun for them once you dig into it a little. Most players will probably be annoyed by the loading screens and the less quiet start of the story, but the reviews also include some very brief and vague notes and ratings, which will likely lower the average score of the games.

Starfield is a game from an internal Xbox studio but also the center of a war between console fans. Unfortunately, such discussions only give you greater credibility when it comes to user ratings on Metacritic.

Unfortunately, Bethesda has the worst interest in this area: the change in digital stores quickly becomes apparent. So, on Steam, the recommendation rating was initially 93%, but the day after the release dropped to 877%. Currently, users are in a good position 821% and might be at the lower 80% mark of the long-awaited 80% mark. In this case, many games struggle to return to their reputation and trust.

Starfields is 3,3/5 in the US, and 3,3/5 in the UK. However, one of the countries most famous is Brazil 4,0/5.

Those reviews didn’t have any impact on the games success. Bethesda announced today that Starfield attracts 6 million players. This is the biggest gaming event in the world to be held in Bethesda.

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