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State of Decay 2 is getting a new developer as Undead Labs continues to work on State of Decay 3

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It’s been over five years since the release of developer Undead Labs state of decay 2, the zombie-themed survival game, for the Xbox One console and PC platforms. Today, Undead Labs, which was acquired by Microsoft shortly after state of decay 2The launch of, announced a new free update for the game, but it will be largely created by a new team of developers.

B- Xbox Wire postIt has been announced that UK-based Wushu Studios will continue to develop and support state of decay 2As most of Undead Labs is working on the previously announced announcement state of decay 3. The first Wushu update will be released for free on September 18th.

This update adds what are labeled as “curve balls”. state of decay 2, and is intended for gamers who may find the game repetitive after a while. The blog post reads:

Located in a new menu, curveballs will periodically appear – each with their own narrative – offering new objectives, rewards, enemy types and much more. Curveballs can be positive (like finding increased loot) or negative (like buffing regular zombies in multiple ways); They can be time-based or objective; They can affect enemies, your survivors or other NPCs. In fact, any element of the game that you may have felt comfortable with can, and often will, change.

These changes will also be extended to the game’s zombies. “Curveballs” can cause the undead to create stronger attacks, enhancements to vision and hearing, and can even cause them to explode or “carry a stench that suffocates and drains the stamina of any close survivor.” The crooked bullets can also weaken zombies.

even like state of decay 2 Update, Undead Labs is still working on the next game in the series, state of decay 3. It was first announced in 2020, but since then there is no information about the state of the game.

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