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Steam deck 2 launched, but it is well to say

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Handheld gaming consoles are back in action. Steam Deck started this trend and now the market is full of different options. From the newly launched Lenovo Legion Go to the pretty Asus Rog Ally, we have a ton of handheld equipment. Steam deck has the latest hardware since it was the first of the major trio to open its doors. Don’t confuse me, the Steam Deck is very capable and cheapest. But the competition is very high, so the Legion Go and Rog Ally decided to abandon Steam with their superior hardware. Therefore, the gamers are wondering when Valve will come out with Steam Deck 2.

The report says that steam deck sold 1,62 million units in 2022. But the trend isn’t going down yet. A report estimates that this year will mark 3 million units sold milestone. The next big competition for an electric deck is going to be coming out of hand.

Steam Deck 2 won’t come soon.

Thankfully, now we have all of the details. Valve has officially revealed some information. First, the good news is that Valve confirmed that there’s a Steam deck 2 available. The employee for Valve, Pierre-Loup Griffais, who confirmed this, says there is also some time to wait for the console. He said that we can’t see the deck 2 until 2025 or even 2026.

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It’s very devastating that Steam Deck 2 won’t be available until at least two more years. Despite the high competition, the original Steam Deck will likely lose its spot. We wanted something sooner. Whatever the case is, Valve decided to wait for the next handheld.

Pierre-Loup Griffais also warned of the likelihood that performance increase will be the big goal of the next handheld, but without compromising the battery life. It makes sense considering that the battery life is crucial to any handheld device. Griffais states that there may be no huge advancements in battery technology. Even as the processors now are used on smaller architectures, they are much more efficient and give more battery juice.

These are all the information I received for now. If you like the new gaming apps, don’t forget to be envious of MobiGaming.


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